As part of the union’s efforts to improve education for Ghanaian students both home and abroad, the President during his visit in France pulled a major step forward for Ghanaian Students.

A major issue faced by Ghanaian students who travel is securing a place to live. After securing admission, students find it difficult to get accommodation.

With this, the President of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS), with the help of the Ghanaian Consular in France, took proactive measures to meet an estate developer to ensure that this issue is addressed thereby signing a Memorandum of Understanding in that regard.

This initiative will go a long way to help Ghanaian students studying in France who have similar issues of accommodation and others who intend to travel to France to study since the burden of finding accommodation has been alleviated.

In the coming days, the union will look out for similar opportunities for Ghanaian students both at home and abroad. We appreciate the work of the President in France and hope to see more results soon.

We also appreciate the efforts of Mr Timothy Aidoo, the Consular at the Ghanaian Embassy in Paris, France in actualizing this important discussion.

Indeed, education is a right and should never be a privilege.

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