Protecting the interest of all Ghanaian students both home and abroad.

The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) was formed in the year 1962 and has since had the central aim of protecting the interest of all Ghanaian students both home and abroad. NUGS works directly with the Ministry of Education Ghana. As such, the union has in successive years taken up various initiatives, projects and programs to ensure that the student life and experience for the youth in our country is a pleasant one. The union is a democratic, non-partisan and progressive mass movement of students, both in Ghana and abroad, championing a common course. We are also committed to advocating to inculcate a high degree of patriotism and nationalism in our students to prepare them adequately for the future of our country.

Aims & Objectives

These objectives are drafted with the various concerns of students in perspective. Paramount amongst our aims include, to protect and safeguard the interest of Ghanaian students and offer a common platform for discussion of various issues pertinent to student life, as well as gathering student views on national and international issues.


Our Mission

We believe that education must positively address the needs of both students and the economic, social, cultural, and political development imperatives and needs of our country. We also believe that education must be accessible to all people regardless of race, religion, sex, age, and other external factors.

Our Vision

To create a significant space for student involvement and to provide altruistic services to ensure that all students and young people achieve their goals. NUGS is a welcoming and active non-partisan student organization that encourages creativity and success, with outstanding representation of students at all academic levels and a commitment to promoting equality in educational and social opportunities in a free and democratic Ghanaian environment.


Blocs Of The Union



The Graduate Students’ Association of Ghana (GRASAG National) represents the collective interests of all postgraduate students in the various universities in Ghana. GRASAG has nineteen (19) member institutions across the country with elected Executive Council members. These executive council members serve on the governing bodies of their respective universities and have a working relationship with all levels of government in the country.

GRASAG National is a student-led, not-for-profit association, with a mission to advocate for all graduate students for a safe, supportive, respectful, accessible, and inclusive community that fosters the multi-faceted roles played by graduate students. All graduate students in the various universities in Ghana are automatically members of GRASAG National, with the right to vote in elections (and run for office!), and serve on committees.

Motto: Partners in National development through research and practice.
Slogan: Graduate Students, the panacea to development

The Graduate Students’ Association of Ghana (GRASAG) is a non-profit organization registered under the Companies Code, 1963 (Act 179). It was started in the year 1993 to promote, improve and coordinate postgraduate studies and the lives of the students pursuing these studies in all tertiary
institutions in the country. The association also champions the course of member institutions in fighting for their rights and privileges in the laws of Ghana or the statutes establishing the respective universities of members. 



The University Students’ Association of Ghana (USAG) is the mother body for all universities (private and public) in Ghana. USAG is an acronym for University Students’ Association of Ghana, with over thirty-five (35) university institution members. In July 2000 came into existence this honorable Association. Over the years, It has been an apolitical and a non – profit organization that does not discriminate (tribe/ethnicity, religion, race, etc.). USAG comes second to the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS).

USAG works at mobilizing and harnessing the human and intellectual potential and capacity of the various University communities and channeling them into valuable/positive projects and activities. Our mission is to contribute our quota, as an academic and intellectual body, to the national, continental, and global development agenda through constructive engagement with the people, agencies, and organizations which have a stake (direct or indirect) in the socio-cultural, economic and political growth, progress and transformation agenda. The association believes among many
things that we owe our society the duty of contributing to the building of a strong foundation that in a few years will see the country benefit tremendously. Over the years USAG has been involved in Advocacies, Campaigns, Project initiatives and implementation, Information dissemination, and capacity building programs that focus on areas including:



The Ghana Nurse and Midwife Trainees Association is the official voice of student nurses and midwives including interns in Ghana. 

The association covers all issues on welfare, discipline, and
academics. The association is organized under national, zonal, and local sectors with responsible executives at each level.

GNMTA’s membership consists of about three thousand nurses and midwives including students and interns. Though student unions of nurses and midwives have existed from the inception of nursing training in Ghana, GNMTA was officially registered in September 2007 under the provisions of Sections 27 and 28 of the companies code of the Republic of Ghana.



TTAG is a democratic, non-partisan independent association of teacher Trainees in Ghana. Which respects the freedom of its members. Currently the association seeks the welfare of 46 colleges. 

This bloc has spearheaded and championed the welfare of teacher trainees for more than 26 years now and still counting. The motto of the Association is TTAG; A MODEL FOR DEVELOPMENT. The teacher trainees association of Ghana is a well structured bloc of the union that seeks to; To champion the cause of Teacher Trainees in Ghana. To promote co-operation, understanding and friendship among students of the colleges of education in Ghana and other students‘ bodies both in Ghana and abroad so far as their aims and objectives of such bodies do not conflict with those of TTAG.

To promote high academic, professional and moral standard among Trainees. To encourage social programmes among Teacher Trainees. To serve as the mouthpiece of Teacher Trainees. To assist the authorities of Colleges of Education in Ghana to develop the College and help find solutions to problems as and when they arise



The Ghana Union of Professional Students (GUPS) is a democratic, non-partisan, non-sectarian mass movement of professional students in Ghana. 

The union’s perspective encompasses all democratic, revolutionary, progressive ideals and principles, including those against imperialism, poverty, corruption, racism, tribalism and illiteracy, for national development and socio-economic progress.

The Union has been a powerhouse for student activism since its inception, offering support to member institutions and individuals under its umbrella.
The union was founded in the early 1990s but formally began official activity in 2001 after approval by its parent union, the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS), and currently has 48 higher education institutions spread across the country, with its members largely having a membership of
over 2 million students.


Behind The Scenes


Kyeremeh Oppong Daniel

General Secretary

Opey Joshua

Secretary for Finance

Francisca L. Willis

Women’s Development Sec

Jesisca Twumasi

Secretary for Education

Tege Ransford

International Relations Sec

Oppong Kyekyeku

Entrepreneurship & Skills Dev.

Amin Mohammed

Society & Welfare Sec

Kwadwo K. Badu

Sec for Union Development

Issah Ahmed

Sec for Projects & Programs

Bridget O. Agyemang

Business Dev. Manager

Samuel S. Adonteng

Scholarship Board

Asare Bediako

Special Project

Maxwell D. Sakyi

Project Director - App

Ofori-Acheampong .D

Special Education

Owusu N. Emmanuel

Colleges of Education

Sylvester O. Amoako

Tour Committee

Kwame E. Asiedu

Further Education

Nimoh Jesus

Publications & Information

Asare Daniel

Director - Girl Power

Josephine Opoku-Cooke

Colleges of Health Integration

Banning C. Baffour

Private Institution Integration

Prince A. A. Sadat

Projects & Programs

Our Partners

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Our History

The National Union of Ghanaian Students (NUGS) had its origins in the Union of Gold Coast Students (UGCS) (Angel 1990, 234). The UGCS was one of the affiliated student unions formed in
Commonwealth West African countries in the 1930s through the encouragement of the U.K.-based West African Students Union (WASU) (Ibid.). When Kwame Nkurumah, the first president of Ghana, became vice-president of WASU in 1945, he prodded the UGCS into political activism to ensure British decolonization in West Africa. The UGCS adopted its present name NUGS in 1962.
The National Union of Ghanaian Students “NUGS” has served as one of the most respected,
effective, and hardworking student bodies in all institutions from basic to tertiary education in and outside the country. The NUGS has throughout the years after its inception diligently and efficiently worked on various occasions and issues of concern in and around the country.

The goal of the establishment of the National Union Of Ghana Students then was to dismantle British colonial rule and achieve independence. After independence in 1957, the union adopted its present name the National Union of Ghanaian Students shortened as NUGS in 1962 as it still stands. The current objectives of the NUGS are to discuss student problems, coordinate student activities, and formulate student opinions on matters of mutual concern to students and the nation at large. The National Union of Ghanaian Students, NUGS, became formal after the University of Ghana, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, and the University of Cape Coast came together to form a multilevel governance structure for the administration of student affairs at the national level.

The NUGS also advocates inculcating in Ghanaian Students a high sense of responsibility, patriotism, discipline, and as such Nationalism, for all that we all stand for as citizens, the ultimate aim of national development through maximum participation, involvement, and integration. And as such, the history of its representation as opposition with students demonstrating for the release of political detainees and the transfer to a civilian government in 1982.

The National Union of Ghanaian Students, NUGS, was formed with the vision of championing and
spearheading the interest of Ghanaian Students both in Ghana and abroad. The leadership of the NUGS played a key role in the establishment of the following institutions; The National Service Scheme (NSS) and the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GET Fund).